Cable harnesses since 1995

We are on market as producer of cable harnesses since 1995. We extended our activities with production and sale of electromechanical semi-finished products and components.

Our mission is to realize requirements of our customers, especially in terms of price, quality and time schedule.

 We have experience in

  • Heating – cooling – air conditiong
  • Household devices
  • Automation
  • Manufacturing of machinery
  • Ligthing
  • Gastronomy
  • Automotive
  • Telecomunications

Know – how

Based on our longtime technical and business experiences we help our customers finding solutions how to produce and design their products cheaper and in better quality at the same time by using modern technology, materials, design change or efficient purchasing and logistics. We participate in design and optimization of new as well as existing projects.


We have experience in realizing complex projects. We have rich experiences with worldwide purchasing of components and project management. Together with customers we design cable harnesses. Thus, we provide professional cooperation with realization of your projects and ideas from prototypes to mass production of semi-finished products where we produce cable harnesses, purchase mechanical and electromechanical components, provide testing and deliver in agreed price, quality and schedule.


Quality is the most important factor to keep longterm relationships and we, therefore, focus on quality the most. This is proven by the fact that we have successfully been on the market since 1995. We have created our own effective system of quality control. Our target is 100% quality – zero defects. Quality policy - download document

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